Book Art- Paris

Whilst in Paris I took the opportunity to research book art for my final major project. Below are some images from my findings from the lourve library.


                  page embellishments



                 Japaneese book binding


                Paris illustrated

Roller Workshop

Roller Painting Workshop

Roller Painting

Today I helped run a 7 hour Roller print workshop.

We encouraged visiting children to create a pattern on a roller sleeve which we would then carve out and give back to the children to apply ink and roller.

Below are some of the great results from today’s session


Positive print-Created by cutting away the space around the design


Negative Print-Created by cutting the design out and leaving the background of the roller


Hand made books

I previously posted about my endless stack of photographs. I noticed a pattern in my photos, I have a habit of photographing sunsets and skies so i decided to make a book of sunsets.

* I first printed selected photographs onto photographic film, the reason being, I had a vision of printing them onto something transparent.
* Each page is separated with textured card to compliment the photographic film.
I am more than happy with the result of the book, I am now going to use this as inspiration to create even better designs.

Book Making

Following on from Bookmaking 1, I have started to adapt on some of my previous designs.ImageImage

This was my initial book design,created to hold railcards. I travel on the train twice a day and collect a lot of travel create the back ground i spread my rail cards out on the scanner to create this randomized background , i then used to rail tickets for the front and back design for stability.

I really liked this design but thought the material could be better and the pockets would look good sewn to give extra stability to the design.


These were the results from the enhancements i made to the original design.



I have been digging through a stack of photographs from my travels trying to spot patterns within my photographs.

I then realized i take a lot of photographs of sunsets, and have a lot of sunset pictures from all over the world.

Iv started to create a book relating to this called ‘Little Book of sunsets’. I have gathered my pictures and cut printed them onto photographic film, i have then mounted them onto plastic film, once i have decided on the right bound fro this book i will put it all together and add captions. It is a work in progress but i have come across many other ideas from creating this mini book. Once this is completed i will go through with my additional ideas based on size and improving the strength of the book.

Little Book of Sunsets/work in progress