How to home screen print

I found this article very helpful and thought I would share it with you all.,-Dirty,-and-At-Home/step4/Burn-Your-Image/


Liberty Of London

Surface Design

A little bit of inspiration. I think it is fascinating seeing how these beautiful fabrics are made. It always makes me work that little bit harder to creating my own dream.

Project Design


I have recently set myself a new creative project.paint brush

Join me as I journey through color, photography and sketch.

I plan to create a series of animal designs which I will then transform into surface designs. With my series of designs i will then create one final display of all animal designs.

Simple enough?

I will be using just pencil and water color. The reason for this is because I love to sketch and water color allows you to add color to sketched images without covering the pencil markings. Keep an eye on this space for design progression.

Print Design

It has been such a long time blogging but i have been working on new prints.

I have a fascination with leaves nature and out door life. I love to photograph nature then figure out what art I can make out of it. My recent trip to Mexico i spent taking photos of anything unusual,textures,forgotten objects .

So…. I have started my new print design ….leaves. I love the autumn colors and decided i could turn it into a print.




This is very early stages and as you can see i have taken a stencil of the leaves which i am now progressively testing with acrylics.

let me no what you think followers!!!

Book Art- Paris

Whilst in Paris I took the opportunity to research book art for my final major project. Below are some images from my findings from the lourve library.


                  page embellishments



                 Japaneese book binding


                Paris illustrated

Roller Workshop

Roller Painting Workshop

Roller Painting

Today I helped run a 7 hour Roller print workshop.

We encouraged visiting children to create a pattern on a roller sleeve which we would then carve out and give back to the children to apply ink and roller.

Below are some of the great results from today’s session


Positive print-Created by cutting away the space around the design


Negative Print-Created by cutting the design out and leaving the background of the roller


Hand made books

I previously posted about my endless stack of photographs. I noticed a pattern in my photos, I have a habit of photographing sunsets and skies so i decided to make a book of sunsets.

* I first printed selected photographs onto photographic film, the reason being, I had a vision of printing them onto something transparent.
* Each page is separated with textured card to compliment the photographic film.
I am more than happy with the result of the book, I am now going to use this as inspiration to create even better designs.