Vicky Smith

I am a student currently studying a Foundation degree in Art and Design. My interests include, Screen Print, Graphics, Illustration and Fashion Illustration. I am always on the  look out for new ideas to expand on. I am inspired by Photography, Illustration,Graphics and mixed media . I am constantly taking photos of the little things that inspire me, and here I will share with you my knowledge and inspirations.


Inspiration-Louise Dear- Alpha Romeo

2 thoughts on “Vicky Smith

  1. Good luck in your career – this was my dream but ended up in the RAF instead – which is why it am now a photographer to make up for lost time :-) You clearly have some great ideas and you are willing to work hard and research – I predict success


    • This is so nice to hear. Thank you Scott.I love your photography,in order to make a great book I think I need to be in alot of different places to get great sunsets but I am prepared to. Thank you again. It’s mice to get feed back on what I’m working so hard on.


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